It is the advanced level of The Ultimate Kickbox class. It involves plenty of bag work. It takes your training to the next level. Wraps and gloves are mandatory for this class.

Corporate Survival Training Workshop Specially Designed for Women Only
Am amazingly simple system for stopping violent attackers dead in their tracks -No Matter your age, Experience or Fitness level.

SO EASY, you can master it in just a SHOW WEEKEND…even if you have never set foot in a self defense class in your life.

SO EFFECTIVE, even women with NO Previous EXPERIENCE will be using it to send violent “STREET PREDATORS” into emergency rooms.

If you wish to know how even someone who is SLOW, OUT OF SHAPE & has ZERO SELF DEFENSE EXPERIENCE can, in a few hours or less, learn about Surviving Dark STREET ATTACKS, then you need to attend this workshop.


For further information call 9833368742