Hey, this is Abhishek……. Joined XT earlier this year, and it’s been a great experience. Venancio sir, our coach and guide, makes it easy for anyone, all shapes, sizes & ages, to blend into the program, in return we have lo bring our best forward…..

In Time, over all strenglh, stamina, endurance and shape of your body gets better over here. And it’s a super bonding class too, with everyone motivating each other and pushing towards the finish line, though I die much before that.

Simply put, Just add it your life and enjoy the ride.

Stay good.

– Abhishek Naiwal

I started working out in 2003 and it was in 2010, when I joined Venancio’s (V) X-Training class after changing gyms almost half a dozen times, that I realized that I, in fact, had not actually worked out even a single day of those 7 years.

V did what no other trainer had managed – give close, personal attention despite it being a group training class. He’d go out of his way to make time to answer questions, clear doubts and teach me how to go about my journey to getting fit.

V’s Fitness philosophy is incredibly inspirational. That’s what you get in class, that’s what you keep coming back for every morning or evening and that’s why you change your entire lifestyle so that you can give your best in class each day.

Any man who can get dozens of people fit using nothing more than a few weights, tree trunks and truck tyres is not simply a fitness trainer; he’s a man who has invested his life into making sure people get fit.

I’d recommend V’s Fitness classes to anybody who asks what they should do for anything related to clean living and getting fit.

– Prashant Rajkhowa